Basil Italiano Classico - Certified Organic (13-2B)

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Italian Classic Basil. Our most popular variety is this sweet basil. Same strain that made pesto famous world wide. The region of Genoa got an Indicazione Geografica Protetta (IGP) trademark that limits the use of the name Genovese to basil grown in a certain area of Liguria, but very little seed is grown there. Whatever it's called, it's the best. Classic basil used for sauces, pesto & just about everything else. Intense aroma & flavor. Large plant with dark green leaves. 65 days to maturity. For transplants, start in 4 inch pots 7 weeks before setting out. Lightly cover 5-6 seeds and thin to two or three plants. Space at 14-16 inches. 70-75 days from direct seed, earlier from transplants. 4 gram packet.


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Buca 7th Mar 2017

Always the best both for my customers and in my garden.

I replant basil every few weeks for lots of tender leaves during the growing season and Italiano Classico -Certified Organic. It's easy to sprout in trays and ready to go into the ground just a few weeks later. My customers rave about the flavor and ease of growing

steve 25th Aug 2016

Best Basil Ever

I've grown several strains of basil over the years. The Basilico Classic has out grown and out produced any others I have tried sevenfold! The flavor and aroma too out classes any other basil I've tried. I have made pesto 4 times already this summer, cooked with it weekly, and given a lot away. If you know how to "pinch" the leaf clusters it will only intensify the out put. The plants are 2 1/2 feet tall and need repicked about every 3-4 days. I live in West Virginia USA where there is garden pesty wildlife and nothing has touched the basil. We can and dry storage food all summer and we have reached early our limit on what to do with all this basil (4' x 4' patch)! We and all our friends, family, and neighbors enjoy your wonderful basil. We even grow it indoors in the winter but outside it flourishes!

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