Bean Borlotto Lamon (55-18)

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Boriotto Bean Lamon from Venice. Brownish/white pods, cream colored beans with red flecks. Vigorous grower, heavy producer, excellent taste. Famous all over Italy. Use as fresh shell beans although you can allow them to grow out as drying beans. Pick when pods are plump and have nice red/white color. Keep picking to encourage continued production. 75 days for fresh shell. Grow on tripod, single poles or mesh. For poles, 4-5 beans around base of pole, thin to 2-3; for trellis, 2 beans every six inches, thin to one. 35 gram packet.


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Paul Palazzo 30th Apr 2014

The classic pasta e fagioli bean

These heavy producers will give you mounds of creamy beans which can either be used fresh or dried for later use. Try adding the cooked beans to shelled steamed muscles for an excellent accompaniment to shell pasta.

Marilyn 29th Apr 2014

Fabulous taste and great for Northern Gardens!

Although we have a fairly short growing season in the northern Berkshires of western Massachuseltts, I have been growing Borlotto Lamon from Seeds of Italy for many years now. They are prolific and disease resistant. We have used them fresh (steamed) and have dried them for winter storage - for fabulous bean soups and Italian bean and rice dishes. Be sure to grow on strong pole structure, pick when the pods have turned to a pale color and dried out, then hang upside down on their vines to continue drying until beans are dried fully. Shell, then dry beans on a screen and place in a glass jar for storage in the kitchen. Even the dried beans cook much quicker than store bought. So creamy and delizioso!

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