Bean Borlotto Lingua di Fuoco - Bush Type (56-6)

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Bean Borlotto Lingua di Fuoco — Tongue of Fire. Bush type shell bean for soups or fresh cooked beans. Plant after soil has warmed up (a week or so before setting out tomatoes). Plant 1 seed 1 inch deep every 2 inches, in rows 12 inches apart. Thin to one plant every 6 inches.  Harvest when beans are plump and pods have nice red and white color. 65-70 days. 50 gram packet, approximately 75 seeds.


Reviews (2)

29th Aug 2017

Lovely beans

Germination a little uneven but the plants that grew produced beautiful, large beans.

Mike 26th Apr 2014

Average Shelling Bean

I tried the beans for one season. They are a bush variety. My garden has a tendency to produce rust. For pole varieties this is less of an issue but with this bush variety it got hit hard. The beans it produced were very tasty but it just wasn't enough to do with after the rust hit.

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