Bean Borlotto Lingua di Fuoco - Pole Type (55-5)

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Climbing Boriotto Bean Lingua de Fuoco. (There is also a bush Borlotto Lingua di Fuoco) Red/white pods, tan colored beans with red mottling. Vigorous grower, heavy producer, excellent taste. Use as fresh shell beans although you can allow them to grow out as drying beans. Pick when pods are plump and have nice red/white color. Keep picking to encourage continued production. 75 days for fresh shell. Grow on tripod, single poles or mesh. For poles, 4-5 beans around base of pole, thin to 2-3; for trellis, 2 beans every sx inches, thin to one. 35 grams. Approx. 70-100 seeds.


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Mo 2nd Jul 2017

best bean for minestrone

I first found these beans in Tuscany. I found some Franchi seed packets in a farm store in a small town near to the organic farm that we stayed at and brought some home. They flourished here in south west Oregon. I didn't get organized enough to save seeds for the next year so I did an internet search and am so thankful to find you. That was 5 years ago and I have grown them every year and every year I grow more than the previous year because I love the rich creamy large beans, 7-8 in a pod makes an easy harvest, and besides they're so pretty on the vine. Everyone always comments because the 6+ ft tall vines are so impressive.

Maureen in Oregon 22nd Mar 2012

Big Beautiful Beans

THE bean for authentic minestrone. I have never been disappointed with these seeds. The vines grow lush and tall and are loaded with long red and tan pods that hold 6 - 8 fat tan red streaked beans each. Use them fresh or dried, they are flavorful, creamy, protein packed addition to your culinary efforts and they are a standout in the garden. An 8' row produces a winter supply of beautiful dried beans for me.

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