Bean La Victoire (59-42)

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Bean La Victoire. Bush type intense green French bean. 50-55 days. Beautiful, slim, tasty, very dark green bean; slimmer and darker green than Boby Bianco. Good producer. Pick when no thicker than a pencil for best eating quality and to encourage more production. Wonderful in a summer bean salad or just steamed briefly, cooled and dressed with olive oil & parsley. 50 gram pack contains approximately 180 seeds.


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Thien-Kim Pham 1st Sep 2016

Good Product

I planted this bush bean before and love them. This year i grew them in a more shady spot and i didn't get much beans as i used to. I will find them a good sunny spot next year.

Suzanne in Kentucky 23rd Jul 2013

Family Feud

This green bean is terrific! For the first time, my husband fights with my daughter over the last serving of these green beans. Next year, I will definitely plant a larger bed of these green beans.

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