Bean Marconi Green Bush (59-41)

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Green Bean Marconi. Green Roma bush type bean. 55 days. Good production on upright plant. Very crisp & tasty Roma type beans. Pick when small. Succession plant every three weeks for continuous harvest. Plant 1 seed 1-2 inches deep every 2 inches after soil has warmed up in rows 12 inches apart. 40 gram pack contains approximately 130 seeds.


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Jim Marchi 7th Sep 2017

Grow them only if you can't grow pole beans

My experience has been that, given the choice between a romano style bush bean and the romano pole bean, the pole bean is more productive, tastes better and lives longer. Also, you can keep pushing down seeds on a pole bean every couple of weeks to extend your growing season.

Suzie Mendelson 28th Jul 2017

Excellent Flavor, excellent producer

Germinated quickly, not a dud in the bunch. Picking every day at 8 to 10 inch length. Delicious just sauteed....I have frozen them in past years but they are not the same. Eat as many as you can, while you can!!!

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