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Bean Rocquencourt. Yellow bush French bean named for the farming village of Rocquencourt near Versailles in France. It has been grown commercially since at least the 1930s and it remains popular throughout Europe. It has a smooth, buttery taste and stays crisp when cooked. It is unequaled for fresh eating and cooking, and the black seeds can be used as dried beans. Starts to produce in 55 days or less. Pick when no thicker than a pencil for best taste and productivity. The more you pick, the more it will produce. Compared to Brittle Beurre, Rocquencourt is a bit longer and slimmer and has a much more orange color. 60 gram (2 ounce) pack.

William Woys Weaver, an expert in heirloom vegetables, calls Rocquencourt "the aristocrat of wax beans." You can read more about the history of Rocquencourt on his blog at Mother Earth News.


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Michele 11th Oct 2016

one of the stars in this years garden

I am a bean freak but almost didn't order these because I generally have not liked wax beans from the farm stands. These taste great and beyond that - they produce HUGE quantities of high quality beans. I am cutting back the space used for bush beans next year and increasing pole beans - but I will *make* space for these awesome beans. I will be buying a larger seed pack so I can succession plant for a fall crop as well.

Kathy 20th Apr 2013

Best Dwarf Wax Bean!

A very prolific bush style bean, with a crisp, sweet flavor. Makes a delicious bean soup, perfect for salads too!

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