Bean Santa Anna (57-4)

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Santa Anna. Deep green pole French type bean. Excellent taste. Pick when no thicker than a pencil. Good producer over a long period; keep picked to encourage continued production. Plant after soil has warmed up well (a week or so before setting out tomatoes. Use trellis, poles or tripod. Plant 4-5 seeds around each pole or two for each string, thin to 2-3 for poles, 1-2 for strings. For trellis, two seeds every six inches, thin to one. 35 grams.  Approx. 40 seeds.


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Marie 28th Apr 2014


I planted these beans last year and the vines were very prolific (Zone 6, Missouri). There were lots of fresh beans to share with family, friends, neighbors, and plenty to freeze! This year, I plan to sow this same variety and plan to can a large part of the harvest for winter months. Highly recommended variety.

25th Apr 2014

Best results

This is the third year I have grown this bean. It has been a constant hit with everyone. Have always had great yield and the flavor can not be match. Living in Ca. I started my crop at the end of March and have started to pole my plants this week. Highly recommend.

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