Bean Signora della Campagna (57-16)

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Signora della Campagna. Fresh eating bean from southern italy. Worth growing just to look at the beautiful pods. Vigorous grower, heavy producer, excellent taste. Use as fresh shell beans. Pick when pods are plump and have nice green color with red splashes. Keep picking to encourage continued production. Grow on tripod, single poles or mesh. For poles, 4-5 beans around base of pole, thin to 2-3; for trellis, 2 beans every sx inches, thin to one.  100 gram packet.


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Paul 14th Sep 2012

What a useful discovery

I have made a great discovery about this bean. It is just maturing now (September) in Vermont where i live, later than my bush beans. The small and medium sized pods (where you can't quite feel the beans inside the pod) are DELICIOUS, delicate and stringless to steam or sautee to eat whole. They turn a light green color when cooked and are very tender. The vines are disease free and they are easily trained to grow right up their poles. The only possible issue is that there are so many pods that the weight sort of pulls them down their pole the production is so profuse. Without question I will grow these every year.

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