Bean Slenderette (59-76)

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Bush type intense green bean. 50-55 days. Slim, tasty, very dark green bean. Good producer. Pick when no thicker than a pencil for best eating quality and to encourage more production. A SMALLER PACKET OF THIS VARIETY IS AVAILABLE HERE.

Large Packet = 100 GRAMS

Bulk = 220 GRAMS


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Josh 8th Nov 2012

Great tasting Bush Bean

I grew the Slenderette beans next to Jade and the Slenderette were way more productive, easier to pick, much more even and sweet and tender at pretty much any picking size. They are a bit smaller, but much better flavored. I usually just pick for two weeks on bush beans and then give up. The Slenderettes actually put on a later set of beans which surprised me. It wasn't nearly as heavy as the first set but my farming partner picked them for his customers and loved them.

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