Bean Super Marconi (57-30)

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Pole Roma. This is the Roma type bean seen all over Italy in markets. Beans will grow to 10 inches and remain tender. You can begin picking them at 5-6 inches. Very meaty. Makes a wonderful bean salad. Like all pole beans, keep picking to encourage continued production. 65 days or so to harvest. A vigorous climber, it will need support: use trellis, tripods or single poles at least 7 feet tall. Pole beans are much more productive in a tight garden space over a longer period, than bush beans. Plant after soil has warmed up well, since seeds are not treated. Plant 3-4 seeds around base of each pole or 2 seeds every six inches for trellis. Thin to one/six inches for trellis, 2 plants for poles. 30 grams. Approximately 40 seeds.


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Teresa Usher 25th Jul 2017

The Most Delicious Beans I have ever tasted!

These beans are incredibly delicious! They are very long and very hearty, yet tender! Highly recommend planting these in your garden if you love green beans!

PhxGreenthumb 2nd May 2017

Wonderful bean variety!

Planted in February (Phoenix, AZ) harvesting wonderful beans now the end of April, first of May! Good producer which is hard for most varieties of beans in our climate! Grew to about 6 feet tall on trellis. Highly recommend.

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