Bean White-Seeded Super Marconi (57-96)

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Bean Super Marconi Grano Bianco.  Flat Pole bean.  Medium-sized and stringless.  Ready in 75 days.  Some prefer the flavor of the white-seeded variety over the more common black-seeded Super Marconi.  Growing instructions are the same.  Not Franchi seed.  50 gram packet


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TOM 12th Dec 2014


Highly recommended! I've had great results with both the black seeded and white seeded Roma's. My wife prefers the white ones, which seem slightly sweeter. I think the black ones are slightly meatier. The white ones take a week or so longer in my garden in Mass. I have a dozen pole towers and five or six are devoted to Roma's. I stagger the plantings some to extend the season. The Romas produce a big crop extending well into autumn after my other, conventional pole beans have quit.

Gina 28th Aug 2013

High yeilding and very tender!

I decided to try this white seeded Super Marconi this year after two not so great years with the black seeded variety. The plants took a little while to get established after transplanting, but they've been producing steadily since mid-to-late June in my southern New England garden. They kicked into high gear towards the middle of August, and are showing no sign of slowing down. They are a very tasty and tender bean, and I will definetely continue to grow them.

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