Broccoli of Calabria (25-23)

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Broccoli of Calabria. Traditional variety from Southern Italy. Compact. Early with a medium-sized head which is 4-5 inches across. Vigorous producer of large side shoots which form after main head is cut. If you let it produce side shoots, space it at 24 inches since the plant gets huge. Nice sweet taste, tender shoots. Good for both spring and fall planting. 55-60 days. 6 gram packet, approximately 1,575 seeds.


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Foothill Farm 2nd Dec 2014

None Better

I planted 9 Star, Lievens, Nutribud, Di Ciccio and this last year. This was by far the best. Nice tight heads and very productive. By far this was the best tasting of the group. I cut the center head and then let them make smaller brocolettos. I then let them flower for the bees and other small mouthed insects. At the end of the season, we chop these and till them right into the beds to prevent nematodes. Next year I'll skip all the other varieties and plant this with Violetto Cauliflower. These two will make beautiful music together.

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