Brussels Sprouts Mezzo Nano (24-2)

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Cavolo Bruxelles Mezzo Nano (Brussels Sprouts, half long). Open pollinated variety. A tall plant and a good producer of tasty sprouts. Taste improves once frosted. About  110 days. These were featured on the PBS cooking program, Ciao Italia. 6 gram packet, approximately 1,620 seeds.


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Train 3rd Oct 2011

Ya wouldn't believe ! ! !

Ya This will be my second year growing these. Living in the torrid zone, Houston Texas I heard all the local wisdom and in truth the word of gardening experts around the country. "You can't Grow Brussels Sprouts in Houston. Too hot but they said that about celery too. Heheh They develop nicely, can be picked as they grow and carry what for me was a nice mellow flavor. I hate the odor and flavor of any cooked cabbage type but these have no odor and the flavor is delicate so I cook them freely from the patch and serve with avgo lemono sauce. Wow! That's a winning combination. Train

18th Aug 2011

Good So Far

These sprouts are doing pretty well so far, they are just starting to form. I haven't tasted them yet but I'm encouraged just to have them growing since this is the first time I've tried to grow them.

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