Buck Horn / Herba Stella / Minutina (54-1)

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Herba Stella (Buck Horn, Minutina). Spring, summer, fall, winter. Small plant with rosette of slender green leaves. Extremely cold hardy. Great for the winter salad. Crunchy texture. Will regrow after cutting, but succession plant for best quality & appearance. 50 days. 2 gram packet. Lots of seed.


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Ashley Newnan, Georgia 8th May 2012

Herba Stella will be a garden must for everymore.

When young a slight garlic smell and taste that surprised me, but I had bought seed our of curiosity. It does come again, clumps that I have moved in spring just keep producing. A good addittion to salads. One of the areas I planted in the fall and did not cut as often bloomed, now I am waiting to see if it will seed itself.

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