Cannellino Bean - Organic 56-7B

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Organic. Small white beans for soups & stews. Bush. Easy to grow. 65 days. You can pick them small and use as a fresh bean if you wish. Plant after soil has warmed up well. One seed every two inches, 3/4 inch deep. Space rows 12 inches. Thin to one plant per 6 inches. Pick when pods are full and have started to dry out. Shell and store in glass container with a lid. 40 gram packet.


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25th Apr 2014

Outstanding Bean

I grew these zone 6A. Planted them at someone else's house and there was lots of rain which made it hard to get my stuff here at the house and the stuff over there weeded in between time. Even with neglect these beans did very well. Enjoyed some fresh and cooked up the rest - can't even compare to store bought.

Julie in Michigan 25th Apr 2014


Very good Cannelini beans, good grower. Delicious beans I used them in a White Bean and Tuna Salad and a Tuscan Bean Puree.

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