Carrot Pariser Market 4 (23-41)

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Carrot Pariser Market 4. Small, round specialty type carrot. Tender and crunchy. Really pretty carrot and very popular in French markets. Children love these little round carrots as well. Does well anywhere, but really good and quick with heavy clay soil. Fairly early. 6 gram pack.


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Holly 2nd Dec 2014

A Carrot for Rough Beds

This is a great carrot for rough beds, heavy soil, and places where gophers are real pests. I lose a lot of carrots to gophers. But since these are small the gophers seem to miss them. This is one carrot that we always plant. These carrots always taste great, are very early and productive. Keep planting them every week for continual carrots till the hot weather hits.

gw workman charleston sc 4th May 2013


Having been a organic gardener for many years and growing up on a farm Ihave never seen such pakets of seeds for many many years the seeds were sent promptly within 24 hours or order And because they are from Italy they are sure to be of suberb quality because of the european rules reguarding seeds

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