Cauliflower di Sicilia Violetto (30-29)

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Cauliflower di Sicilia Violetta. Regional variety from Sicily. Deep purple. Turns green when cooked. Excellent taste & looks beautiful. This is a favorite in the Seeds from Italy garden. Will form side shoots after you cut the main head; space 20 inches if you are letting it grow for side shoots since it will get quite large. Use fresh or cooked. 80 days. Spring or fall. 3.5 gram packet, approximately 900 seeds.


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M. Rossi 21st Sep 2017

Low head yield, but leaves are excellent

I didn't get as many heads as I expected (wanted), but the leaves are excellent! I would describe them as a sweet tasting kale, but less cooking time...use as you would Swiss Chard.

lance barker 6th Jul 2015

Terrific Cavolfiore

Tastes great, Beautiful color, transplants and grows nicely. Very good open pollinated cauliflower

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