Chard Verde a Costa Bianca (14-3)

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Chard Verde a Costa Blanca - green and silver. Large head, huge leaves, thick white stem. Beautiful & excellent taste. Cook leaves like spinach, braise stems with olive oil, sprinkle with parmesan. 55 days. Spring, Summer, Fall. 7 gram packet. Approximately 300 seeds.


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Kellie Quarton 25th Nov 2014

All About the Stalks!

A restaurant asked us to grow this variety specifically for use of the stalks - a great way to rediscover the greatness of chard. The stalks grow wide without becoming woody. Not only do the stalks have a wonderful, earthy flavor, the leaves are unparalleled in sweetness. We grew successive plantings in the fall and had good results with all plantings. Minimal insect pressure with the first planting, great frost resistance with the latter plantings. We have found that some have streaks of hot pink in their white stalks. Another beautiful attribute to a great variety.

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