Chard Verde da Taglio (14-1)

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Chard Verde da Taglio. Green cut & come again. Very thin stems, incredibly sweet & tender leaves. Harvest outer leaves or simply cut the entire plant as it will regrow. Tastes as good as spinach. Spring, summer & fall; will overwinter in zone 5 in an unheated greenhouse or with some protection. 7 gram packet.


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Art Bartow 22nd Jul 2017

Big multiple crops

This is my go to green. Large crops and tasty leaves on this chard make me keep coming back for more. I usually harvest 3 crops after planting in early June in Wisconsin. I do not enjoy eating chard stems, and this variety puts most of it's effort into growing huge leaves. This is my 10th season growing this chard, and it never fails regardless of the type of summer we have. I enjoy it in all dishes that usually ask for spinach, but this chard surpasses spinach in taste, and it never bolts.

Julie D 24th Jan 2017

Love this chard!

I planted this early in the spring and despite attacks from leaf minors,this was an extremely productive and tasty green that not only gave me a lot to eat in the spring,summer and fall-but also over wintered without protection(zone 7) and I'm still eating from it as of today (January 24) It is also a more tender leaf than other chards-less of a metallic or soil tasting chard. I just love it over any other chard.

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