Chicory Bianca a Bergamo (40-39)

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Franchi Special Selection from their home town of Bergamo. Like all their special selections, taste and appearance are the most important factors. Light green leaves with white stem. Forms a nice round head. Crunchy & tasty. Reliable. Use in salads or cook. 4 grams.


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Nellie in Cassadaga 27th Mar 2014

Quick and Tasty

I use my Chicory fresh from my patio garden almost daily for sandwiches and salad and snacks. It germinates quickly and almost every seed grows. I start using it when very young and just pick what I need so that the plant goes on producing. I have grown many varities and they always are a pleasure. Since I am in Florida, I have fresh leaves year round -during freezing weather, I move them indoors for the night but our sunshine in the day keeps me Chicory all year. Try it, the Seeds from Italy are the best and I have tried many other companies. Happy Growing, Nellie in Cassadaga, Florida.

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