Chicory Catalogna Puntarelle a Foglie Stretta (40-21)

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Chicory Catalogna Puntarelle. Tall open plant, white stems and thin green leaves. It is mostly stem with very little leaf. Technique is to soak it in cold water first (stems curl & also become more mild). Very popular with chefs of high-end Italian restaurants. Amazing in a salad. 10 gram packet.


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27th Mar 2014

Grew well the first season

Last year was my first year growing this Chicory. I planted late spring and I had decent plants by early summer. I was expecting this to be a stem chicory (it is not) so I waited and waited. Eventually I did make a roman salad with the leaves. It was ok but the plant was starting to bolt by then. This year I am going to try starting it later to in matures towards the fall.

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