Chicory Orchidea Rossa (40-64)

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Chicory Orchidea Rossa - Red Orchid. One of the easiest red chicories to grow and one of the earlier ones at 75 days to maturity. Very attractive deep red rosette-shaped head. Best in fall, when color is deepest red. Use transplants in spring to get it to maturity before summer heat arrives. Plant any time for baby leaves for salad. 5 gram packet.


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chicago grower 4th Jun 2016

the package is pretty but

i tried several methods to get these seeds started but they failed to germinate over two seasons and numerous efforts. northern illinois must just not be suited to this seemingly attractive edible ornamental. We would be happy to replace the package, and we do have growing guides and seed starting guides on our website. Seeds From Italy

Amy LeBlanc 27th Mar 2014

Radicchio in Maine!

It's tough to grow radicchio in Maine …long season required! I grew several varieties in 2013, all in our hoophouse. The very best was the Orchid Red …no mildew problems, and even the smallest one was delicious! I started out wanting to grow them all just for our own use, but then had enough to sell at Farmers Market one day in September! They were a hit!

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