Chicory Palla Rossa 4 Sel. Pagoda (40-57)

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Chicory Palla Rossa 4 Sel. Pagoda. Red Ball radicchio with white veins. Crunchy leaves with a pleasant bitter taste which adds color, texture and a different flavor to your salad bowl. Sow from Aug - Sep. 4 gram pack. 


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Maureen Forys 27th Mar 2014

Great for Chicory Caesars!

I grow and use this chicory in my Oakland, CA garden all winter long. I especially love to use it for winter Caesar salads and also braised with oil and vinegar. Yummy! Maureen F Oakland, CA

Jerry Aiello 27th Mar 2014

Great taste and nice full heads

We have grown radicchio for as long as I care to remember. Some years it's good, some years it is a wipe out. Last year we bought our radicchio seeds from Seeds of Italy. (1) lots of seeds. (2) they all seemed to germinate. (3) the seedlings just leaped after I transplanted them. (4) the heads were solid with good color and wonderful flavor. I made plantings in each season. The Spring planting was best, but we had radicchio all Summer long. And the bonus is that if you cut the head off just above the soil line, it grows back from the root: over and over again. These second shoots are not good for heading, but they make for excellent salad additions. Unfortunately, my Winter crop became food for some subterranean creature. That will not happen this year. I expect this variety will handle the cold quite well with a bit of protection: certainly through Christmas.

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