Chicory Spadona (40-1)

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Chicory Spadona. Cutting chicory for salads. Long leaves, very thin, almost non-existent stem. Leaves are rounded and smooth without any serration. Fast grower - 30 days to early cutting. Will regrow after cutting but it is just as easy and the quality is higher if you succession sow. Broadcast sow in a prepared bed from three weeks before first frost. Make new plantings every three weeks or so. Will take fairly strong frosts. 10 or 30 gram packet. 


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Dan Lionello 27th Mar 2014


this item alone was a product that my parents brought from Crespano de Grappa (Venento) Italy when they came to this country in 1948.I have been growing this for years only with the seeds I could buy when in I see you have it for sale!! next year you are where I buy the seeds! no better salad than this! Dan Lionello

Joe from Orleans 27th Mar 2014

It keeps coming back

I planted this early last spring, and cut at the eary stage to mix with other greens after about 35 days. I have a household garden and gave this about 4 square feet of a bed. It just kept coming back. Eventually, I let some grow out and it was great sauted with a little EVOO and garlic. These plants producted into late fall. Easy and prolific, as well as very tasty!

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