Chicory Witloof Belgian Endive (40-8)

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Belgian Endive. 110 days. Direct seed or transplant to a 12" spacing. Plan for a fall harvest, taking 6" of root (shake off the dirt). Store in cool dry place until ready to force. Force in bucket or box in the dark at 55-60 degrees Force in a sand or sand/peat mixture, or just water around roots. Forcing takes 3-4 weeks. 10 gram packet.


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Eugene Dietschi Concord NC 5th Apr 2014

First ever

I was the first in growing this plant in my region.I came from Switzerland to this country and nobody here new what I was talking about.I have been growing Belgian Endive for years.In the winter I have always more than 100 head of it forcing in the cellar./It is the second year I use your product,last year was outstanding.

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