Chicory Cicoria pan di Zucchero Selezione Borca (40-49)

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Sugar Loaf leave chicory. Upright light green variety with large long and very tight head. Reliable. Franchi special selections are varieties selected primarily for taste and consistency. Best for fall, but will work in the spring from transplants. Easy to grow and easy to head up. Use cooked or in salads.


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Janet Semensi 15th Aug 2016

This radicchio is excellent! This is also my mom's favorite

Just superb in flavor.

Bob 31st Mar 2014

Awesome vegetable

It's crisp and succulent, with the perfect balance of bitter and sweet. Since I first grew it last year, it's been my favorite leafy vegetable, and one I don't expect to be surpassed any time soon.

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