Cucumber Carosello Mezzo Lungo di Polignano (Barese) (37-99)

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Formerly called Cucumber Carosello Barese. Limited quantity. Light green, oval cucumber-melon from Bari. Picked small, they taste like a cucumber. Allow them to ripen more and they turn yellow and get sweeter. White flesh, 4 inches long. Mild tasting and very productive. Grow on a trellis. 70 days. Typical 'downy' skin of this type, which rubs off easily. Pick young. 3 gram packet. Not Franchi seed.


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Suzie Mendelson 28th Jul 2017

Cucumber looks like little melon, tastes like summer

Very productive, trellised and vines grow inches everyday. Fruits are good size, few, if any, seeds and delicious. Takes the heat well since we have over 45 days of 90+ deg in No. Nevada. Will do these as a regular garden item.

Foothill Farm 2nd Dec 2014


I'm stubborn when it comes to cukes. I grow White Wonder, Delicatesse, Akur, Lemon, Poona Kera & Carosello. Each of these are unique to look at and in flavor. Carosello looks like a melon! And boy is it delicious. Never bitter! No matter how hot it gets. Unlike Lemon, it's very productive. It's so distinctive that folks called me on the phone to ask what about it. Now they ask for it! I pickle White Wonder & Delicatesse. But the Carosello never makes it past the salad. Try it just mixed with tomatoes!

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