Cucumber Melon Tondo Liscia Manduria (37-37)

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Green cucumber-melon type that Italians favor. Similar to Half-long of Puglia, except this one is completely round. Covered with 'down' typical of this type, which rubs off easily. Pick when green and it has a really nice cucumber taste; allow to ripen more and they turn yellow and a bit sweeter. Early, productive, with a very nice taste. Sow 5-6 seeds/hill spaced 4" apart after soil is warm in the spring (a week or two after last frost date). Thin to 3 plants per hill. Space hills at three feet and rows at six feet. 55 days. 3 gram packet.


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Benny Soave 24th Jul 2014

Excellent Cuke

First time growing this variety and I must say it will not be the last. Just picked the 1st one of the season, June 22,2014. When your used to the traditional smooth skin, green elongated cukes this one may surprise you. It is hairy. Yes, kind of feels like hair. Just peel it like a regular cuke, chill it, then enjoy. It has a very nice almost sweet taste and very tiny seeds. Grow them, you wont be disappointed. I'm in zone5b/6 SE Michigan and they are doing very well. Ciao

Sal S,. 20th Jul 2012

Italian cucumber melon

One of my favorite vegetables when visiting Italy... Great in a salad or just eating it plain. Never understood why this cucumber was never found here in US fruit markets. Was very happy to find them at Seeds From Italy. My plants grow well in NY & need plenty of space. The cucumbers are plentiful & great tasting. Set plants in a sunny location (afternoon shade is ok) & water daily when extreme heat starts in July & August.

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