Cucumber Piccolo di Parigi (38-2)

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Cucumber Piccolo di Parigi. Green pickler 3-4 inches long. One of the first cucumbers to produce fruit and produces over a long season. I had six or seven plants on a trellis this past summer; I could not give away all that they produced. Was still picking them in early October. Very nice taste. Use fresh or for pickles. If using transplants, start 3 weeks before the set-out date, which should be once the soil has warmed up well and the weather settled down (usually a week or so after the last frost date for your area). Put five seeds in a six inch pot; after germinating, let three remain. Cucumbers resent root disturbance so transplant carefully. Place plants three feet apart in rows six feet apart. They also do well on a trellis. 5 gram packet, approximately 150 seeds.


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Suzie M 28th Jul 2017

Good cuke but became a slow producer

Wanted to use these for pickling but could not get a sufficient quantity at a good size for the pickling process. Not a bad cuke for fresh but not what I was hoping for. Used Beth Alpha or Tortarello Barese for fresh cukes.

Sandy M. 12th Jan 2016

Star Performer

This cucumber is spectacular. Highly productive, disease resistant and adaptable as both a fresh-eating cuke with crispy, snappy texture and mild taste, and a pickler. I noticed in my garden, cucumber beetles, which in years past had been a major problem and disease vector, virtually ignored this plant, which I believe added to its longevity in the garden. I've recommended this variety to a few of my gardening friends and they've all loved it.

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