Cucumber Tortarello Barese (37-39)

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Cucumber Tortarello Barese. 65-70 days. An Italian strain of Armenian cucumber popular in Bari, Italy. Picked young, it tastes just like a cucumber. Left to mature, the fruits turn slightly yellow and develop a melon-like fragrance and flavor. It is renowned for early, prolific production of fruits that grow very quickly. Does well on trellis. Plant 4-6 seeds per hill; space hills 3' apart. Thin to 3 plants per hill. 3 gram pack; approximately 100 seeds. 


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Suzie 26th Jul 2016

Very prolific and great taste!

Was not sure about seeds as they are from a few years back and I had not planted them until April, 2016. They are growing on a wire trellis, about 4 foot long vines and must have 200+ blossoms as of today, 7/26/16. God help us if only half produce the cuke of this variety. They are excellent in taste, crisp and fairly thin with absolutely no seeds once sliced. I hope they are good for pickling since there are so many large fruits. Very happy with this cuke!

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