Cucumber Viridis (39-13)

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Cucumber Viridis F1. One of our few Hybrids.  A "European type" cucumber. Franchi Special Selection. Very long (12-14 inches) and slim. Dark green skin. Sweet, crispy and no bitterness. 65 days. Grow on trellis for long, straight fruit. This is a standby in the Seeds from Italy garden. .5 gram packet, approximately 15-20 seeds.


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Roamwhereiwant2 3rd Dec 2011

High Quality Cucumber

Viridis is slightly sweet, juicy, with pale crisp flesh. My summers are really hot and humid (deep South) but this cuke never stops producing and doesn't get bitter; not even when water-stressed. This is the kind of cucumber you eat for a snack; Viridis just needs a sprinkle of salt and a napkin.

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