Eggplant Linda/Spany (90-49)

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Hybrid. Sometimes called Linda, sometimes called Spany. This is a really lovely eggplant- very long, slim, and purple with a slight curve. 80 days. Great taste & production. 0.2 gram packet, approximately 40 seeds.


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Buca 7th Mar 2017

Good Producers

Produces lots of great tasting eggplants in my short summer seasons.

JJ 3rd Apr 2012

great as a hybrid

I have to admit, I made a mistake when I ordered it, I didn't notice that it was hybrid, I was only looking for heirlooms. But anyway, I grew them in the last few years until I finished the seeds. As hybrid, it has great taste, texture was great, too, tender, slim. I can't say excellent, because there are better ones, but worhty to grow if you don't mind hybrids. Lots of eggplants even if you live very north with bad climate which I have here. But I cover the soil around these plants with black plastic, that helps to keep the soil warmer.

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