Eggplant Prosperosa (90-15)

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Eggplant Prosperosa. Franchi Special Selection. Large, round, lavender-purple fruit. Beautiful and tastes as good as it looks. Good producer. 70-78 days. 3 gram packet, approximately 600 seeds.


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Buca 7th Mar 2017

Prosperosa is a great name for this eggplant!

Properosa does very well in my Pacific NW garden where it is hard to grow good eggplants because of our short summer season. But Properosa live up to it's name! I will keep this in stock so I can grow it every year!

Doug 28th Oct 2013


This is the first year that I grew Eggplant. I have to say this was a very prolific producing variety. I had more eggplants than I knew what to do with. They were very tasty. I learned many ways to cook eggplant this year. I will be growing them again this coming year.

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