Endive Cuor d'Oro (75-4)

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Endive Cuor d'Oro - Golden Heart. Early. Nice sized head, loose leaves. Dark green with golden center. Good cooked in salads and soups. If you want a really white center, blanch the heart by covering with bucket or tying up top 10 days or so before harvesting. 10 and 30 gram packet. 


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AliYuccaValley 21st Apr 2014

Recipe Secret: Heart Of Gold Endive (Don't Bother Blanching Center) DEHYDRATE IT

My previous review didn't address the marked difference between this Heart of Gold (HOG) Endive and the RICCIA PANCALIERI C. BIANCA Endive (RPCB); the RPCB is much milder than HOG. TRICK: Like Arugula, just use fresh or crushed & dehydrated 1/2 inch flakes of RPCB as a SECRET bitter agent, instead of Arugula. SUPER SECRET - HOG is easier to harvest and prep than Arugula: Big flat leaves, rolled together, then chopped at 90 degree angles, dehydrate below 115 degrees and it counts as RAW, adding live enzymes held in dehydrated suspension.

Alicia Kelso 28th Mar 2014

Excellent growth and texture, helps conserve soil moisture if inter-cropping; grow in shade during hot months.

Prolific seeds. This is a mild tasting green that is great for braises, mincing for soups or rice. Cut in 1/2 inch pieces if using for juicing, as you would for celery. I grew it during fall 2013 and planted more in February 2014. I live in the high desert (3500 ft) of southern California and the cool months are October through March. I have built raised bed planters and enclosed them with 1/4" hardware cloth and 50% Aluminet shade cloth, so it is cooler than being open to the sun. We'll see how long into the heat I can grow it :-) Paradise Farm, California

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