Endive Riccia Romanesco da Taglio (75-10)

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Endive Riccia Romanesco da Taglio. A cut and come again endive from Rome. Thin serrated dark green leaves with classic endive taste and texture. Space at 4" between plants, 8" between rows. 40-45 days. Plant grows in a small upright bunch which is easy to harvest. You can also just broadcast seed it trying to get seeds every inch or two and cut it when it gets three/four inches high. Simple to grow and good resistance to bolting. Best for spring and fall but will work at any time throughout the growing season. Perfect for that Roman salad you remember. Can also be cooked. 60 or so days for full size. 10 gram pack.


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Mark Jones, Pittsburgh PA 27th Mar 2014

Excellent addition to the Slad Bowl

Feelng that our salads were "missing something" we stated growing endive two summers ago and it was what we were missing. Easy to grow, they came in just as the arugula was coming in. Do not need a lot, but our family and friends noticed it. Reseeding every two weeks seemed to work best for having fresh endive available. I initially overwatered as well, but soon on advice of a neighbor got that right too. Bellisimo!

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