Endive Ruffec (75-98)

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Endive Ruffec. Heirloom. Large head, very fine frilly leaves, large white stems. 75 or so days. Direct seed or use transplants Great cooked or in salads. Best for fall. Set out 5-6 week transplants 60 days before desire harvest or direct seed 80 or so days before desired harvest. 2-3 seeds/16 inches. If you grow them closer together (say 8 inches), they tend to grow upright and self blanch. Blanch heart by tying up leaves 10-12 days before harvest. Great cooked or in salads. Bill McKay says this is the finest Frizee he's ever eaten 7 gram packet. Not Franchi seed.


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27th Mar 2014

wonderful fall/winter

I plant this variety and others like it in July or early August in the Colorado mountains. It worked well as both a cutting and heading variety. Very poplular with my restaurant customers. I also transplant some into my minimally heated greenhouse for winter greens. Delicious and reliable. One of my favorite winter greens.

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