Escarole Bionda a Cuore Pieno - Organic (121-2B)

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NEW ORGANIC!  Escarole Bionda Cuore Pieno — Blond Full Heart. Much lighter than Green Full head. Turns 'blond', especially if blanched. Like most escaroles/endives it does best in cool weather if you are growing full heads. Grow anytime for salads. You cannot have chicken soup without it. 7 gram packet.


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Jerry Aiello 28th Mar 2014

Tender and sweet

We have always grown Full Heart Batavian Escarole. Sometimes I'd get nice full heads, but more often than not the plants would bolt or rot from the base before they were fully headed. "Bionda" gave me a reliable crop of full heads with no rot issues. The flavor was great. The leaves lacked the bitterness you can get from escarole in hot weather. We made soup. We made pasta escarole and beans. We made salads with just the escarole. A good choice.

Kathy Scopelliti 27th Mar 2014

Excellent in soup

Escarole is an excellent soup green, and can be added to lentil soup for a vegan meal (with some crusty bread to sop up the last drops). It is also tasty steamed and then sauteed with plenty of garlic and olive oil.

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