Escarole Bionda Cuore Pieno (121-2)

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Escarole Bionda Cuore Pieno — Blond Full Heart. Much lighter than Green Full head. Turns 'blond', especially if blanched. Like most escaroles/endives it does best in cool weather if you are growing full heads. Grow anytime for salads. You cannot have chicken soup without it. 10 and 30 gram packet. 


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Keith 12th Oct 2017

Wonderful escarole!

This is my first time growing my own escarole. Started it indoors in mid-July ( pretty much all of the seeds germinated) and and planted it out in mid-August. Even with the warmer than average weather we've had in mid-Missouri the last couple of months, the plants have been nice and healthy. Lighter in color and (to me) not as bitter as the darker green escarole. Will be planting again next year!

27th Mar 2014

Nice heading Escarole

I haven't grown this variety in a few season I have been working with the Bordeaux variety. However I did grow it for 3 seasons. I did try a spring planting (in MA)but it never got big enough before the summer and it would bolt before I could use. Fall planting (start inside in June) did much better. We used it for Escarole soup and sauted with cheese and breadcrumbs.

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