Escarole Bubikopf 3 (121-8)

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Escarole Bubikopf. Very full head. Dark green leaves with more serrated leaves than other escaroles. 50-60 days. Great escarole taste. Like most escaroles, best for fall; however, this one resists tip burn and will usually do okay in the summer. 10 gram pack.


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Buca 7th Mar 2017

We grow escarole all winter

This is perfect for fall/over winter here in the Pacific NW. Holds up well in the rain and cold weather. It is such a treat to go out to the garden and cut some escarole for a big, delicious pot of escarole and beans in the middle of winter. I don't even have to cover them in my yard! They survive with little damage and probably taste even better with the cold. Will regrow in the late winter if you cut them leaving about 1/2 inch above the crown.

Jerry Aiello 28th Mar 2014

My main escarole

We have grown them all at one time or the other, but as a go to plant this one is it. Tender, not bitter, and a reliable header. I plant the Bubikopf all year long starting the plants in small pots and then transplanting out. This gives me nice spacing. Germination was nearly 100%. And as a special bonus, this escarole seems to be very tolerant of frost. We wintered it over this season under "remy" cloth right into January - but 0 F was too much for this one and everything else this year. My favorite escarole from Seeds of Italy. By far.

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