Escarole Cornetto Bordeaux (121-5)

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Escarole Cornetto Bordeaux. Large upright, almost heading type, with full white ribs and green leaves. Easy to grow. Excellent taste. Use in soups, salads or cook. Best for fall if growing full sized heads; can be grown in spring, especially if using transplants. 9 and 30 gram packet.


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Buca 7th Mar 2017

We grow escarole all winter

Cornetto di Bordeaux is the other choice for us along with Bubikopf. Cornetto is probably even better in our wet, muddy winters because it grows tall instead of out like Bubikopf. But both are standouts and we will always grow them for our winter staples. Our customers who have discovered the joys of winter gardening have also really enjoyed them both!

Karen B. Central Florida 28th Mar 2014

Versatile and tasty green

This is my favorite escarole. The leaves are tender and re-grow quickly after a picking. They are good in salad, and very good cooked as a green or in soups (like Italian Wedding Soup). I plant it in the fall here in central Florida and harvest it until it gets hot in the spring. This is something I have in my garden every year.

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