Gerbera Hybrid Mix - Transvaal Daisy (328-1)

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Gerbera Mix. Tender Perennial. Hardy in zones 8-11. Daisy like flowers in red, white, yellow, and pinks on long stems. Ideal for cut flowers.  24" high. For transplants, sow seeds in a flat, sharp end down. Do not completely cover as they need light to germinate. They take 15-20 days to germinate at 70F.   Plant them out at 12" spacing.  They can be grown in grow in pots. In colder areas, bring them inside during the winter. They can also be propagated from cuttings.  3 gram packet.


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Gloria 24th May 2017

Love these Gerber's

I have never had any luck planting Gerber Daisy's, but when I saw the tip on how to grow them (sharp end down) and no soil on top I had to try them. Well now I have over a dozen little baby Gerber's growing. My friend thought they wouldn't work either. Thank you for giving me the tip I can't wait till they flower.

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