Indivia Riccia Capillina (75-90)

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Endive Riccia Capillina. Heirloom from the Sarno region.  A late endive with finely pointed leaves, dark green at the outer edges with a large, compact and very white heart.  Can be overwintered in many areas for early spring greens.   Direct seed or use transplants.  Best for fall.   Set out 5-6 week transplants 60 days before desired harvest or direct seed 80 or so days before desired harvest.   2-3 seeds/16 inches.  Further blanch the heart by tying up leaves 10-12 days before harvest. Great cooked or in salads. 7 gram packet.  Not Franchi seed.


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Maureen Wall 27th Mar 2014


This is the fine frisee that is in gourmet salad blends. Blend it with others or make a special salad with it all alone, decadent. You can harvest leaves like cut and come again, or the whole head. For serious salad growers this is a must have!

27th Mar 2014

Winter greens

As with the Endive Ruffec, I always grow this one for fall/winter greens in my greenhouse. I keep the greenhouse just above freezing and have delicious greens all winter.

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