Kale Cavolo Nero aka Lacinato (35-7)

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The only kale grown in Italy. Wrinkled dark green (almost black) leaves with a smooth edge. Excellent taste; improves after a frost. Very hardy. Usually lasts until January in my Zone 5 garden; will last all winter in Zone 6b and higher. 60 or so days. Direct seed or transplants anytime after last frost date. Space 10-12 inches. 6 gram pack, approximately 1,500 seeds.


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Tia 27th Dec 2016

Greenlover's delight

My favorite green! And this one does not disappoint! Grows quickly and well,

Shannon Robinson 30th Sep 2014

georgous speciman plants in garden

We grew this for 2 years and the second years the old plants went to flower heads, tasting like a broccoli and rapini cross. We blanched them and tossed in garlic oil with lemon juice and served with pasta. My 4 year old daughter ate a large bowl full by herself. Wonderful plants! They need some shade here over the summer, but then we live in central California where it gets to 114 degree F regularly in summer.

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