Lettuce Lingua di Canarino (78-19)

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Canary Tongue Lettuce. This was requested by a number of customers. Light green with a mild taste. 8" open head with notched leaves. 50-55 days. High resistance to bolting. Spring, summer, fall. 12 gram packet, approximately 4000 seeds.


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6th Mar 2017

Wonderful rare variety

I have started to collect rare lettuce varieties. I was very glad that Grow Italian carried this variety as it can be very difficult to locate. This strain is true to type.

Marcia 9th Jan 2015

Perfect winter lettuce for the desert Southwest

I planted the seeds in November and we have had delicious,delicate salad greens all of December and now into January. I am harvesting them as I would a cut and come again green and they just keep coming! My husband loves a delicate salad green, but I mix mine with arugula (which does well all year long in Phoenix) for a bit of spice. I have just planted more seeds and will let folks know how far into the spring they will make it in our warm climate.

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