Lettuce Ubriacona (86-38)

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Lettuce Ubriacona. (The Drunkard). Red outer leaves with green leaves inside. Crisp leaves, loose head when fully mature. 60 days. Does best in spring and fall if growing to full size head or any time for cutting lettuce or baby heads. Best color in fall. 8 gram packet, approximately 4000 seeds.


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Seeds from Italy 16th May 2012

A very tender lettuce

Notes from the Trial Gardens, Lawrence, KS: In the spring garden, Ubriacona formed loose heads of tender leaves, light green tipped with red. Flavor is light and delicate. They seem to hold well in heat when given partial shade. We planted them beside the Kale Galega, which has huge leaves that hang above the lettuces like umbrellas!

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