Lupini Beans - Edible Lupine GLLE 87-50

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Lupini. A mid-early dwarf plant about 18" high. Plant 3/4" deep every 2", rows 18" apart, after last frost. Thin to 1' between plants. Plants require a steady supply of water. Produces numerous pods which mature in stages from the bottom branches up. Havest as the flowers die. The beans are versatile in the kitchen and are excellent in stews and soups. Often sold in brine jars, and eaten like edamame. We do have a detailed processing guide for Lupini, which you can see here. If you would like us to send you a paper copy of the guide with your order, please tell us so in the "order comments" box at checkout. 100 gram (3.5 oz.) box.


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Susan in Maine 22nd Nov 2014

Beautiful but hard to process

Hi- We grew the Lupini beans this year, and the plants were huge lovely, Lupin-like, and produced good amount of beans for our climate. However, I wish you had included in the catalogue some info on the processing they require in order to make them edible- they are terribly bitter and poisonous fresh off the vine. From now on I will buy them already prepared in a jar. Susan *We do have a detailed Lupini Processing Guide.

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