Mandoline/ Rigamonti Vegetable Slicer (R-260)

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Rigamonti Slicer "Sveltafetta" + Safety Fingers. Vegetable Slicer with finger protectors. Made of food-safe, non-toxic polypropylene, with a stainless steel blade. This one is not adjustable. Click here for the adjustable model.


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Paul Butler 24th Aug 2016

A great little slicer!

I really like this slicer for things like carrots, zucchini, and potato shaved paper thin. The blade stays sharp and the slicer goes in the dishwasher. It takes a little getting used to angling the finger protector so that it holds your vegetable, but it works. For thin slices only. As others have noted, it puts other larger mandolines to shame if you don't have large vegetables or need thick slices! I use mine all the time.

Lee 9th Mar 2014

Finest Slicer Ever

Used the mandolin for a Sunday Omelet - Finest Slicer I ever had. I like the 2-way slicing action. I have a large French mandolin from Costco, but this baby puts it to shame!

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