Marigold Giant Mix (353-2)

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Giant Marigold Mix - Tagete Gigante A Fiore Pieno Multicolor.    Nice formula mix of giant marigolds. 60 or so days. 16 inches in height. Big flowers. Direct seed or transplants. Sow at the last frost date, 2-3 seeds every 12 inches and thin to one. For transplants, start 6 weeks or so before set out date, 1 seed per cell covered with 1/8 inch soil. Set out at 12-14 inch spacing at last frost date. 2.5 gram packet, approximately 700 seeds.


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Paul 21st Jan 2015

A magnificent marigold and a vigorous grower

These mature late from direct seeding in southern Vermont. However they produce large vigorous plants and are one of the only marigolds I've grown that produce excellent cut flowers. The blooms are huge and beautiful. Worth waiting for! I don't believe the 16 inches for a minute, with a little compost added they will easily grow to 20-24 inches.

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