Misticanza Quattro Stagioni (93-4)

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Misticanza Quattro Stagioni — Mesclun Four Seasons. Mesclun mix of lettuce, endive, radicchio & chicory. 14 varieties including Verona, Pan Zucchero, Four Seasons lettuce, Romaines, cutting lettuces. For salads or braising. Cut when 3-4 inches tall. Make succession plantings every 2-3 weeks for continuous harvests. 8 gram packet, approximately 4500 seeds.


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Holly 2nd Dec 2014

Chickens & Greens

I grow this every year. Instead of cutting this at the roots, I cut it one inch above. The lettuces and chicories all come back again. This mix makes a great salad and braising mix all through the early season. During the hot summer when greens are hard to grow, the second and third crops of these I feed to the chickens. One 50 foot by 4 foot bed gives me greens in the Spring, and the chickens greens until Fall!

7th May 2012

perfect salad!

this mix is perfect! not much else to say. the salads we make from it are the best. beats the best mixed baby greens in the stores. very easy to grow. love this mix!

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